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We’re glad you have found our escort agency in Singapore. This is the place where your fantasies become reality. Our escort companions are delightful and engaging.  If you are after quality and classy companionship you have come to the right place.

If you require a high class female escort service you have come to the right place we are the escort agency to visit – the place where the stars shine above the tall buildings and neon lights.  Our escort models are attactive to the eye endowed with manners and grace. The are pleasant company and delgightful to be around is you are a charming client.  That’s why our escort ladies are perfect female companions. They’ll make sure your stay in Singapore a memorable and fun evening out.  In turn the escort agency Central Sing Escorts assures that your reservation and time spent is handled discreetly, professionally and anonymous.

You can visit our VIP escort agency in Singapore gallery and make a booking by contacting us via our toll free number or live chat and our call center will be happy to take your reservation.  We take booking 7 days a week Midday to 12 Midnight and look forward assisting you while you are in our lovely city.


Singapore Escorts and Companions are Great Fun, please look at some common questions and answered to give you a better understanding of the service prior to making a booking.

See our girls, take a look at our gallery

do the girls gangbang

yes all girls can handle multiple girls or girls with strapons

Can I fuck up the arse

Yes all the Indian and Malay girls fuck up the arse.  With Muslim girls it is compulsory to fuck up the arse

It is a companoiship service.  It is like meeting a professional friend.  The service provided is to entertain you with conversation and companionship.  The role of the escort is to accompany you and be your friend and engage in polite conversation, and partake in activities like sight seeing around our city, eating a meal in a restaurant, having a drink with you at a bar, dancing with you in a club, having a coffee with you in the hotel lounge or at your hotel room.   That is what you are paying for. Hey if you want go to a museum with them or maybe ask them to politely go for a swim with you in the hotel pool.  If you ask very politely they many even give you a massage.    Any yes they are exotic and attractive Companions.


If you were paying for sex that would be prostitution and this is not prostitution so no the service you are paying for does not include sex.  If you and the Escort/Companion take a liking to each other and over the short course if time spent together find each other attractive and engage in sexual activity then great for you.  This is however not part of the service and you are not paying for sex.  It’s just two consensual adults who are attracted to each other doing what comes naturally.  It’s not our business to get involved and it is not contracted for by our agency.  All we can say is the Companions who we promote are very friendly and are attracted to successful classy guys. If you fit this description enjoy you time with the Companion.


The images of the Companions are depicted in the Gallery pages of this website. VIP Companions are located in different pages and have a different pricing structure.  Pricing and images are clearly visible.


The Companion will come to you hotel.  They ideally will meet you in the lobby/reception area as in Singapore it is hard for them to come to your room as they will need to access the lift and the lift is secure.  They do not visit clients in houses or private appartments as we cannot ensure this will be a safe place for them to visit. We will only book appointments in registered public hotels.  Companions will not meet clients in a night club or bar or at McDonalds Resutrant.  Once you meet the Companion you can go out for the evening to a classy venue but the initial meeting will be at a specified location in the hotel you are staying at.


It depends on the Companion you are booking.  If you look at our gallery and relevant pages it clearly advised of associated pricing.  Bookings are either 2hrs in duration or a full evening which is 3 hours upto 15 hours.  Payment is received in Singapore Dollars but we will also accept US Dollars.


Absolutely.  In fact some of our clients are business men, Statesmen, in the media and may be celebrities thus it is absolutely paramount that confidentiality and disretion are ensured.  These Companions are not cheap bar girls that you see in seedy areas of Singapore they are classy professional women and act and dress accordingly.  No embarrassments with this service.



Well they are professional and they are prepared for pretty much everything.  Will they bring mouth fresheners,  yes they may go out to dinner with you they don’t want bad breath after the meal.  Will they bring their photo ID?  Yes, you may want to go to a club or bar and this will be needed.  Will they dress in a classy manner.  Yes you and the Companion may want to go to a nice restaurant and they will need to have fitting attire.  Will they bring Condoms?  Well they are friendly and they are meeting you a classy charming guy.  So I would imagine so.  We are not selling sex, but hey two people are meeting up, their is a good change you both will enjoy each others company.  Best to be fully prepared for where the even by take you.



where the even by take you.

The people we promote are over 18 years of age. They are Singaporean Citizens or have the legal requirements to earn money in Singapore.  They are not our employees, we work for them and promote them.  The service being promoted is not prostitution. It is not money for sex, it is money for companionship.  Companionship does not include sexual services.  If you engage in sex with the companion that’s not contracted for.  It’s just too people who connect and are both consenting.  We have nothing to do with what you both do in private.  Singapore is a very well legally structure country. We respect the legal system and encourage anyone who visits Singapore to do the same.  It is one of the safest countries in the world and we are proud of Singapore’s legal system and have a deep respect for it.


Some companions are happy to show their face in full view and others want their face partially blocked/blacked out. We are marketing/promoting these Companions and must respect their choice for privacy and as a result some photos will be depicted in full view while others will be partially blackened out.


Really simple text us or email us and we will promptly advise who is working and confirm the pricing.  One your provide your hotel/resort checkin details and confirm the booking time the Companion will head out to rendezvous with yourself.  The usual place is in the hotel lobby or at the bar restaurant of your hotel.

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